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About Us

Diophantine Discs

Established in 2005, Diophantine Discs has specialized in releasing music by a wide variety of artists in the realms of experimental, ambient, industrial, and noise music. We're proud to work with a variety of musicians, some obscure, some world-renowned, and other who have become quite well-known. Our goal always remains the same: to release quality experimental music and expose it to as many discerning ears as possible!

Tape Fiend

Tape Fiend was established as a sub-label of Diophantine Discs in 2008. For more details, seeĀ tape-fiend.com.

Wholesale / Distribution

If you run a store, mailorder, or distro and are interested in carrying our titles, please get in touch! We are more than happy to provide wholesale information. As we aren't a full-fledged distributor ourselves we have to be more selective about trades, but if you release music in a similar sonic realm, feel free to get in touch.

Demo Policy

At the moment, we are unfortunately not accepting any demos.


If you need to get in contact, please do so via the contact form here, or by email to info {at} diophantine {dot} net.